Smartphone Review Honor 9 (STF-L09)

Smartphone Review Honor 9 (STF-L09)

Smartphone Review Honor 9 (STF-L09)

A successful continuation of the mid-range Honor line with the technical parameters of the top-end devices of the A-brands. This time, the device received not the most significant changes compared to the previous generation, but some things inspire confidence: its own improved processor with a new graphics core, an improved camera module, improved battery life and a slightly changed design plus new colors.

Honor 9 is available in two versions – regular (4/64 GB) and Premium (6/128 GB). The first will cost you 27,000 rubles, and the premium version – 32,000 rubles. By purchasing devices through the official website, you will receive Honor Sport wireless headphones as a gift (the premium gadget also includes a cool Huawei AF15 monopod tripod).

Design, dimensions, controls.

In general, the appearance of Honor 9 does not differ much from the appearance of Honor 8. That is, without comparing the two devices, it is difficult to quickly understand where which gadget is. However, in the ninth version, the back is slightly rounded to the side edges – a kind of tribute to the Edge style. This was done in Xiaomi and some other companies, but Samsung can be considered the ancestor, however, there the edges were “wrapped” on the front side. As the saying goes, “stylish, fashionable, youthful.”

The glass is still Corning Gorilla Glass. This model is the third generation with Native Damage Resistance technology.

As for the color solutions, in Honor 9 they are some kind of dark: black, gray and blue. Let me remind you that Honor 8 is available in blue, white, gray, gold and even pink. If “color” is important to you, then you should think about buying a “eight”.

Naturally, there is also metal – a frame around the perimeter of the gadget.

The dimensions of the Honor 9 are almost the same as those of the Honor 8 – 147.3 x 70.9 x 7.45 mm and weighs 155 grams. Very easy to use: even the more compact Huawei P10 does not fit as nicely in the hand as the new product.

Most likely due to the sloping edges of the rear panel. Oddly enough, the “nine” does not slip out, even if your hands are wet. Alas, there is no protection from water and dust, but it would be great!

Top on the front of the device: selfie camera, sensors, missed events indicator, earpiece. Over the past year, I have tested about 100 smartphones and I cannot single out at least three or four models where the speaker would be ideal. The exception is the Samsung Galaxy S8. Its speaker has excellent voice quality – loud and clear. The rest of the devices (including budget ones) are equipped, in my opinion, with the same speakers.

Under the screen there are touch buttons “Back” and “Menu” (they are easy to swap), and in the center there is a fingerprint sensor with a built-in “Back” button (not mechanical). It seems to me that the best location of the scanner is at the back. Probably because I do not use this thing at all and I feel sorry for somehow wasting space under the display.

At the bottom are the standard headphone jack, USB-C, and a speakerphone. The power button and volume rocker are on the right, and on the left is a typical combined SIM and memory card slot. Above is a second microphone and an IR transmitter.

On the reverse side, on top, there are two camera modules made flush with the body, a double LED flash diet of warm and cold glow, a laser focusing system.

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