First POS Systems review

In other words, this is not your average off-the-shelf POS system and probably needs to be priced on an individual basis depending on the business. This can be fixed as long as there are no major overexposed areas. It doesn’t get too harsh at max volume and performs just fine in most situations. We’ve compared the two side-by-side and can confirm, yep, they produce near-identical images. While the light reactive finish is matte, the rear surface is still glossy, so you’ll see your reflection in it.

As a result, pricing is therefore via a perpetual license agreement or there’s a subscription option too. Video is basic too. And while the Moto G50’s battery lasts longer, the Oppo A74 5G does just fine if you plan on charging every day.

It’s made in the image of a top-end phone, an oversized chunk of glass, without having hardware that would require all the space used here. You can also shoot portrait mode selfies, where the background is blurred out to bring faces into sharper relief. 2 . Androids in this category tend to either have mid-size or large screens.

There is also the capacity for drive-thru functionality, plus reservation and table layout capability. First POS does have a support page on its website although the information contained there is, it has to be said, sparse.

First POS Systems review

First POS make systems for the restaurant and retail marketplace


p>By Rob Clymo 18 August 2021 Use the auto mode and dark images look simply dark and dismal, lacking any sort of detail in the darker areas of the scene. First POS It costs £249.99 in the UK and AU$399.99 in Australia, similar to what you’d pay for a base spec Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. There is a dedicated night mode, but this is pretty poor by 2021 standards. Nevertheless, First POS has everything needed to bring any kind of business bang up to date with its customizable systems and state-of-the-art hardware. Solid enough during the day, not much use at night: the Oppo A74 5G is your typical affordable phone camera, but these days you can get better, particularly from 4G phones in this price band.

We saw similarly impressive, although better still, zoomed results from the Realme 8 Pro. Our Oppo A74 5G has a relatively grown-up looking grey to black gradient cast along its back. Hold the phone far back enough, though, and detail is solid in good lighting. The same probably can’t be said for lone independent food and beverage outlets.

However, you can import it for around $290-300. Brink POS caters for online and on-the-go ordering, with mobile and desktop versions while payment processing and can be easily integrated. It features automatic upgrades, secured data and can be accessed from anywhere.

Higher ‘A’ number, better phone? They’re completely different series from different companies, but the Oppo does get you a little more tech for your money, including more storage at 128GB, making this a decent deal from most perspectives. But die-hard bargain hunters may want to consider the Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite instead, as it has a better chipset and a bigger screen.

The camera lens housing is the one part we’re not too sure about. Affordable phones like the Oppo A74 5G may explore recently discovered ground, that of 5G mobiles most of us can afford, but there’s not much of a pioneering spirit in their designs. There are a few highs and lows here. First POS has a proven track record when it comes to supplying many popular food and beverage chains with in-house systems. Simply tell us your needs But this may lead you to reject images that could actually look much better with a simple brightness/exposure dip.

It also does surprisingly well with zoomed images, despite a lack of actual zoom hardware. The Oppo A74 5G is a solid buy for affordable 5G, but low-light photos disappoint and the camera in general is not a star of this category. The Oppo A74 5G’s ultra-wide is useful too, considering it has a rather unimpressive-sounding 8MP sensor.

First POS sets out its stall early on by stating that it provides competitive rates for card processing and other transactional costs, while also noting that they have no hidden fees. First POS advises calling them in order to get an initial overview of your business and what it requires. It also only has one speaker, a mono driver on its bottom. Realme’s 8 Pro and Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 10 Pro perform a lot better at night.

Elsewhere, First POS has additional cloud-based Brink POS software that can be similarly customized to suit different business needs. It’s a mid-size phone, one with a 6.5-inch screen rather than the 6.67-inch display seen in the various 4G and 5G Xiaomi phones you might buy at the price. We’ve used this for many, many hours of podcast and live radio streams at this point. We know the alternatives, but how is the Oppo A74 5G to use?

A joy, mostly. However, we don’t see the same sort of clever detail boosting we saw in the A74 5G’s stills. While the latter is arguably a step too far for the humble 48MP sensor, which itself is really made for 12MP images, 2x shots can fake their way to victory and look miles better than a crop of a shot you took at the 1x view. It is extremely similar to the Oppo A54 5G but has 50% more RAM and double the storage.

Maximum brightness also compares well with some of the OLED phones you might buy at a similar price. The Oppo A74 5G feels more like a two-camera phone than a four camera one, because these last two are not up to much. Receive free quotes First POS has a proven track record when it comes to supplying many popular food and beverage chains with in-house systems. First POS can basically tailor a package to suit your requirements, basing it around the PAR PixelPoint point of sale software. This kind of cheaper 5G phone is relatively new, but you now have a whole stack of options if you want 5G and have $300 or £250 to spend.

Compare prices and save money This camera setup feels fairly responsive, is fun to use, and the respectable 2x zoom images mean you can ‘pretend’ it’s a higher-end setup and not be caught out. That’s not to say First POS isn’t a useful option for the smaller venture, but economies of scale probably make this more of a chain solution than anything else. Nevertheless, due to the fact that First POS systems are tailored to individual customers we can only assume that they have personalized support options to match.

Neither of these phones actually has a zoom camera. Let’s split up the appraisal that way and start with the good stuff. 3 . The benefit of this system is that it can also be configured so that staff members can use it via tablets and also smartphones.

Alternatively, there is a support phone number to call. We’re still experiencing a 5G growing pain or two, then, but if you care more about 5G than blistering gaming performance, advanced camera chops or getting a bold OLED screen, the Oppo A74 5G is a fine choice. They hold up well even down at pixel level, and are packed with detail, which doesn’t have the fizzy or dithered look we saw when we compared the photos to the Moto G50’s. This is typical of a budget ultra-wide snapper, although the 4G Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC’s ultra-wide camera is notably superior. Color is solid, and while the LCD panel’s blacks naturally lose their depth in a dark room, they look good in most other conditions.

However, some 4G phones at this level have greater volume and bass, and stereo speaker arrays. We said ‘largely’ headache free, because there are some little issues. There’s no 4K mode, although 1080p is at least stabilized using the usual software-based technique. That said, we’d forgotten all about that after about 24 hours. One of the added extras you get with the First POS system is installation, training and support, which suggest this is not a solution for the average small business.

It’s an all-round enjoyable and largely headache free camera to use. Oddly enough, its exposure is often closer to what we’re after than the main 48MP camera. First POS Systems also has a full service range of backup for its POS systems too, with onsite installations, training and continuous support as part of any package that you subscribe to. You get a 48MP standard camera, an 8MP ultra-wide and Oppo’s standard gruesome twosome, a 2MP macro camera and a 2MP depth sensor.

1 . The Samsung Galaxy A32 5G has a 720p screen and so does the cheaper Moto G50. It looks more like a straight crop of the 1080p feed. It produces POS systems that can handle, despite coronavirus, face-to-face transactions as well as those taking place by phone, email, over a website and even by fax. The punch-hole looks a bit smarter than a teardrop, and the side-mounted thumb scanner is marginally preferable to a rear one, in our opinion. However, if you’re running a few outlets and have staff who need to learn the ropes then having the backup of support staff and people who can show you the ropes sounds sensible.

And, as for supplementary help files, FAQs and basically anything else to help you through your day using a POS system then there is nothing that we can find. You get to choose things like whether you prefer a side or rear fingerprint scanner, a teardrop notch or a punch-hole, and how gaudy you want the back to be. The camera app has easy access presets for 2x and 5x shots.

The Oppo A74 5G is not really a phone intended for the US market. The camera is responsive, the Snapdragon 480 chipset is better than you might guess considering it is part of Qualcomm’s ‘budget’ line. The Oppo A74 5G has four cameras on the back and a selfie camera up front, just like the Oppo A54 5G.

Electronic payment processing services cover the whole spectrum including credit, debit, PIN debit, fleet, gift card, reward and loyalty programs, EBT and also check authorization. It’s all software trickery, but clever software methods can now get close to matching the sort of results you might see from a real budget zoom camera, which are no longer at all common. It brightens up pictures and improves color, but detail is very limited, dynamic range bad, and these night shots are often softer than the ones you take using auto shooting. It lacks CDMA support, ruling it out from working properly with some US networks. 720p displays can and do look decent, but 1080p ones like the Oppo A74 5G’s make text look crisper.

It’s a great ‘first 5G phone’, and to get something significantly more interesting at this level you have to ditch 5G and make do with 4G. It’s always good to have another option when shooting, and we took 1x and 0.6x (the ultra-wide view) shots of the same scene countless times during testing. The Oppo A74 5G is a fairly affordable 5G phone. Earlier we praised the ultra-wide as a useful tool, but its dynamic range is limited, and it tends to mush up detail and texture in shadow areas. And there usually are not.

As an added bonus, the system can be tailored to suit a particular brand, so it can be setup up to match the look and feel of marketing materials and suchlike. With a great blend of hardware and software this is a serious proposition for businesses that are going places. It has a fixed focus lens, which limits how close you can get before your face will look a little blurry. In fact, all you really get is the ability to click on a link for remote support. You can switch between 1x, 2x and 5x views too while shooting.

The system can also be configured to meet international needs in terms of languages and currencies. One look at the clients that First POS lists on its customer web page gives a firm indication that this is a solution that can be scaled, particularly when it comes to chain restaurants, bars and pretty much all points in between. The first negative impression we had on going through the few hundred Oppo A54 5G photos we took for this review was about exposure. The Oppo A74 5G achieves a good balance across these elements. As for the day-to-day usability of the hardware then that has been well tested already, with First POS listing many known chains amongst its clientele.

A Full HD resolution shouldn’t really be particularly notable when you spend $250/£250 or more, but these days it kind of is. There are no obvious indications of the availability of this live support however. When there’s not a sky to give the phone a lead as to how bright the image should be, it often makes the image too bright, leading to a washed-out look. First POS Systems is a solution aimed specifically at the restaurant, retail, and storefront business environments.

The Oppo A74 5G is a perfectly pleasant phone to look at, hold, and use in most respects, though it lacks water resistance. On first opening the box we thought the Oppo A74 5G’s camera looked a bit like a toy box approximation of a high-end phone’s, like a kid wearing a slightly-too-large suit. With a great blend of hardware and software this is a serious proposition for businesses that are going places. The Oppo A74 5G’s maximum capture resolution is just 1080p. Competitor products include Lightspeed POS, EposNow, Shopify and Square POS.

First up, the Oppo A74 5G’s primary camera can take very pleasant photos during the day. They have all-plastic designs and tend to sacrifice a tech frill or two in order to fit 5G into the budget. The Oppo A74 5G is a solid buy for affordable 5G, but low-light photos disappoint and the camera in general is not a star of this category. You can switch it down to 60Hz for a slight battery life boost, but the phone actually automatically drops it down to 60Hz with incompatible apps, or when the screen shows something static for a couple of seconds. This is a package that can be customized for installation in locations such as restaurants and other food outlets.

You can do this as you shoot, using the Oppo A74 5G’s manual exposure control (available during auto shooting), but few people are likely to do this. The app screen looks noticeably brighter than the OnePlus Nord CE 5G’s outdoors, and slightly brighter even than the original OnePlus Nord. The selfie camera is somewhat simple too, despite the detailed-sounding 16MP sensor. Oppo A74 5G The Oppo A74 5G has a 6.5-inch 1080 x 2400 LCD screen with a maximum refresh rate of 90Hz.

The Oppo A74 5G also fails for low-light photography. Don’t rule out the Oppo A54 5G if you can get by with 64GB of storage either. There’s nothing ground-breaking going on in its camera array though, and some 4G phones around the price have better screens or much faster chipsets. It’s only around $30/£30 cheaper but that may matter when you’re working to a budget, and the jump from 4GB of RAM to 6GB seems to make a rather subtle difference in most use cases.

A 90Hz refresh rate improves the fluidity of scrolling, and makes a half-decent phone feel faster, even if it is not in reality. However, rather than having an obvious pricing structure it seems that what you will pay is dependent on the requirement you have. First POS is definitely aimed at larger companies with establishments that would find installing these systems scalable and cost effective.

However, this is standard procedure for phones at this level, particularly 5G ones. The Oppo A74 5G is better value than the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, and a little slicker than the Moto G50.

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